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Several Good Proposals - far from truth

There are several good

proposals –most of those

far from truth

The debate is running right now: (på dansk) and at Diskussionen foregår her (på engelsk)

The number of Muslims among the immigrants

(No Western country has legislation that permits registration of religion)

Historian and reporter Lars Hedegaard’s estimation of the number of Muslims in Denmark August 1 2004 in Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten was as far from reality as you can almost get. He counted to 200,000 muslims in Denmark from some random register of names at Denmarks Statistics. Why not the weather forecast? Source has disappeared, indeed:

  1. What decides under the politically correctness is repetitions in the media without any contradictions. Lars Hedegaard certainly succeeded, indeed. Institute of Name Research, University of Copenhagen rejected his summer-activity 2004 as a satirical joke. You do not convert religion by naturalization in Denmark, and you are not sterilized either by just receiving a letter from Folketinget. Price: ddk 1000 per head.

  2. Your children do not convert from Islam - death penalty according to Sharia! 192,871 have been granted the Danish citizenship since 1979. Their children and their grandchildren the same. More than 90 p.c. of all naturalizations concern most foreign immigrants (outside Western Europe, North America, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) of which about 75 p.c. originate from muslim dominated countries/areas.

You can then expect a little more than 500,000 in Denmark included the naturalized and their descendants. You do not come much closer to reality than this per January 1 2006.

To this you can add 75%*11.087 for 2007 plus the number born children with muslims parents in 2007 (which is not registred).

They contributed to the development of Danish population according to the lack of children among the Danes – atmost the half of the needed 2.05-2.1 child a woman in average – and even got the population to rise by 19,625 to 4,447,084 January 1 2007.

A half of the Birth Cohort in Denmark born by most foreign immigrants

February 18 2007

J. E. Vig. M. Sc. (economics)

'if your heart is filled use your brain'


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